Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The little angel went to heaven

I have  sad news. I lost the baby. Even though on Monday I was told everything was ok,
I kept bleeding. Today I noticed that the bleeding was increasing and I was having abdominal pain. I went to my doctor and there I got a sonogram done. The baby was very low, like my body was rejecting it. A few hours later I got an ultrasound done to see if there was a heartbeat, but there was not. We are sad but we know God knows best so we are trusting His will. Tomorrow I need to se the doctor to see what is the next step. Thanks to the ones that wanted to follow my journey. I appreciate it your comments.


Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Feeling a little a better / Sintiendome un poco mejor

When my husband got from home yesterday, I had the chance to just lay down on my bed and it really helped. The pain I was having dissapeared. Today I am still bleeding so I haven't been doing much. I went for a short walk with my son and now we are back home. I am really tired today.

I also got a call from my endocrinologist and my hormone dose does not need to be changed. I was a little disappointed because I thought that the reason of being soo tired and sleepy was because my levels were off but I guess it's just the pregnancy.

I got yesterday live clips of the baby's heart beating. I'm gonna try if I can put them here in my blog.. we'll see!

Cuando mi esposo llego ayer de trabajar, tuve la oportunidad de recostarme un rato en la cama y a la verdad que me ayudo mucho. El dolor que tenia se desaparecio. Hoy, sigo sangrando un poco asi que no he hecho mucho. Sali a dar una corta caminada con mi hijo y ya estamos de vuelta en casa. Hoy me siento muy muy cansada.
Hoy tambien recibi una llamada de mi endocrinologo y resulta que mi dosis de hormonas no tendra que ser cambiada. Cuando me lo dijeron me desiluciones un poco pues pensaba que todo este cansancio y sueño se debia a mi desbalance de niveles pero no, es solo por el embarazo.

Ayer me dieron unos clips en vivo de el corazon de nuestro bebe latiendo. Voy a tratar de ponerlos aqui en el blog. Ya veremos!

Monday, July 26, 2010

What a relief! / Que alivio!

I just got home from getting my ultrasound done and the baby is fine! Hubby, Joao, and I even saw his/her tiny heart beating!! It was an amazing moment when I once again realized what an amazing God we have.

The ultrasound technician was not sure why I was bleeding since everything looked fine. He did say that if it gets worse to call the doctor which I know.I will be taking it easy this week and try to rest as much as possible.

I am still bleeding a little and the discomfort on my lower abdomen is still there so I need to be very careful this week.
I was told I am 5 weeks and 6 days pregnant with an estimated due date of 3/23/2011!

Hoy me hicieron finalmente el ultrasonido y el bebe esta bien!
Mi esposito, Joao y yo vimos latir el corazoncito pequeñito de el o la bebe.
Fue un momento mas donde veo cuan maravilloso es nuestro Dios.

El tecnico que me hizo el examen no estaba seguro de por que estaba sangrando ya que todo se veia bien.
Sin embargo,me dijo que si el sangrado aumentaba, de llamar a mi medico.
Esta semana voy a descansar lo mas que pueda y tomarlo suave ya que todavia sigo sangrando un poco y siento un poco de dolor en el abdomen.

Oficialmente tengo 5 semanas y 6 dias con una fecha estimada de dar a luz en 3/23/2011!

Scary moments / Momentos de temor

 Yesterday I found out that I'm spotting. When I saw blood  on the paper I just gave the terrified look to my husband and he gave me the same one to me. I looked online, and it seems to be normal to have some minor bleeding early in the pregnancy. Another reason too is if you get a pap smear- internal exam done which I did  last week.

Today I'm still spotting and I have a minor discomfort on my lower abdomen. Even though I'm a little worried I do not think it's a miscarriage because I would be experiencing a lot of bleeding, pain, and cramps. But still, I'm tense for sure.

I will be having an ultrasound in a few hours today so if something is happening, I'll know with it.
I'm praying and I know God knows best ;-)

Ayer me di cuenta de que estaba sangrando. Cuando vi la sangre en el papel mire a mi esposo con ojos atemorizados y el  me miro de igual manera. Busque rapidamente en el internet y encontre que es normal tener un sangrado minimo durante la primera etapa de el embarazo.  Tambien se puede experimentar el sangrado si se le hace a uno el papanicolao - examen interno, lo que precisamente me hicieron la semana pasada cuando visite la ginecologa.

Hoy todavia estoy sangrando y tengo una molestia minima en la parte baja del abdomen. Apesar de que estoy preocupada, no creo que sea un signo de perder al bebe por que el sangrado tendria que ser mucho mayor acompañado de mucho dolor. Pero aun asi, estoy un poco tensa.

Hoy me van a a hacer un ultrasonido, asi que so algo estuviera pasando, de seguro me enterare.

Ya le puse esta situacion en las manos a Dios, seguimos orando. ;-)

Friday, July 23, 2010

Breastfeeding / Lactancia

 "Feeding my son Joao'"

When I was pregnant with my first my child Breastfeeding was my number one alternative. I was very excited to be able to feed my son in a natural way. You would think that breastfeeding, since it is a natural thing, how hard can it be right? Well it was very hard!

I was blessed with a vaginal birth which made me able to breastfeed my son like 15 minutes after he was born.
Getting him to latch was difficult lol, but the nurses kept helping me. I kind of start doing it good but then because of my inexperience, hours later of having birth, my breasts were red and sore. I just startarted crying in the bathroom, I felt so disappointed. I thought to myself how could I possibly get hurt soo fast.
I was not latching him in the proper way, so that's why it happened. Even with the pain, I kept doing it and I had good moments and bad ones too.

When I got home, I was kind of getting the hang of it but because of one mistake, everything just turned upside down. I was told at the hospital that I needed to massage my abdomen to prevent blood clots. But with all the excitement, and the breastfeeding process and struggles I didn't do the massages.

2 days later I got some blood clots, I visited the ER and  the doctor prescribed me a pill that made me unable to breastfeed my son for a week!! I remember all the crying because that meant that I would need to feed him formula and give him a bottle. I immediately started pumping to keep the milk coming and my husband fed Joao that whole week since we were told to do so in order for the baby to recognize me as the breast and daddy as the one with the bottle. Even though pumps are great at mimicking a babies sucking motion, it's not as perfect. My milk production was slowly growing.

After that week, getting my son to latch back on the breast was like a real mission but I succeeded thanks to the support and guidance from my mom and grandmother. I kept doing for 2 more months with some days better than others until one day  my son started to fuss at the breast. I tried and tried and he just wanted it less and less. I thought my milk production was not enough, but sometimes it looked like my milk flow was too strong for him. I tried all the different positions to make it better but nothing worked.

I was devastated, blaming myself for that pill that changed everything. I did not want to give up though so that's when I found online a forum for women who were Exclusively pumping. I started reading and reading and even though it looked like a hard mission I talked to my husband and started doing it. I did it for 7 months and now looking back I really don't know how I did it lol. It was a very sacrificial thing to do.

It was like having 2 babies. I had to treat the pump  like a newborn pumping 5 to 8 times a day. I remember not being able to sleep while my son was sleeping because I needed to pump in order to not lose milk production. While the months past, I dropped more pumps until the day I decided that I was going to finish.

It was hard, but it was all worth it. My son never got sick and now when he does, it lasts a day or so.
He is such a strong kid!

Now that I am pregnant again I worry a little bit thinking if I am going to be able to just breastfeed freely and without problems. For sure I will be doing those massages when I get home this time if I am blessed with another vaginal delivery. But even though I am a little worried I look forward to do it!.
This time will be different since now I have some experience.

I have read books and all the little tricks for breastfeeding. But if you are a mommy and want to share a great advice on breastfeeding. Please do, maybe there is a little trick or just a piece of info that I don't know yet!

Cuando estuve embarazada de mi primer bebe, la lactancia era mi  alternativa numero uno.
Me sentia emocionada de saber que podia alimentar a mi bebe de la forma mas natural.
Uno pensaria que la lactancia por ser algo tan natural, seria  facil, pero  no lo fue!

Yo  fui bendecida con un parto vaginal que me permitio poder lactar a Joao a los 15 minutos de haber nacido. El ponerlo en mi seno para que chupara no fue facil, pero las enfermeras me seguian ayudando.
Despues de un rato, lo empeze a hacer bien pero con el pasar de las horas y por mi inexperiencia me lastime los senos. Los tenia inflamados y rojos. Recuerdo el estar encerrada en el baño llorando sintiendome decepcionada, preguntandome a mi misma como era possible que me hubiera lastimado tan rapido!
Por no haber puesto a Joao de la manera correcta en mi seno, por eso paso.
Aun con dolor, segui lactando y tuve buenos asi como malos momentos tambien.
Cuando regrese a la casa, ya casi tenia el asunto calculado pero por un error que cometi, todo se vino abajo.
En el hospital me habian dicho que tenia que darme masajes en el abdomen para evitar cuagulos. Pero con todo el asunto del bebe, el cansancio y con la lactancia pues no lo hice.
2 dias despues me entero de que se me habian formado cuagulos. Fui a sala de emergencias  y el doctor me receto una pastilla que me impidio lactar a Joao por una semana!
Recuerdo otra vez el estar llorando por que eso significaba que le iba a tener que ofrecer botella y leche de formula. Jose se encargo de alimentar al bebe por esa semana ya que nos habian dicho que esa era la mejor opcion. Asi Joao asociaria a Jose con la botella y a mi con el seno.  Yo segui extrayendo leche con la pompa, pero apesar de que estas pompas imitan el chupe de un bebe, pues no son perfectas y mi produccion de leche fue creciendo muy lento.

Despues de esa semana, el que Joao tomara mi seno de nuevo fue una gran mission. Pero lo logre gracias al apoyo  de mi mama y abuela que estaban conmigo. Segui lactando por dos meses mas con muy buenos momentos y  con dificiles tambien como toda madre primeriza.
Pero un buen dia Joao comenzo a negarse. Yo intentaba mas y mas de lactarlo, pero el queria menos y menos hasta que no quiso mas. Pense que podia ser por mi poca produccion de leche, aunque tambien habia momentos donde parecia que mi flujo de leche era muy rapido y eso le incomodaba.

Me senti super devastada, culpando esa pastilla que lo habia cambiado todo. Sin embargo no queria darme por vencida y fue un dia cuando encontre un forum de mujeres que solo se pompeaban. Comenze a leer y a leer.. y apesar de que se oia super dificil, hable con Jose y decidi intentarlo.
Lo hize por 7 meses, y ahora que miro hacia atras no se como lo hice!
 Fue muy sacrificado. Era como tener dos bebes al mismo tiempo. Tenia que tratar a la pompa como un bebito. Me tenia que sacar la leche entre 5 a 8 veces diarias para no perder mi prodcuccion de leche.
Recuerdo que aveces no podia dormir cuando Joao dormia por que tenia que estar pegada a la pompa.
Pero apesar de todo, no me arrepiento.  Gracias a la lactancia Joao nunca se enfermo y cuando se enferma, solo dura un dia o dos. El es un chico muy fuerte!
Ahora que estoy embarazada de nuevo tengo esa preocupacion. Me pregunto si podre lactar libremente y sin problemas. Eso si, de seguro me voy a hacer los masajes si tengo la bendicion de tener otro parto vaginalmente. Pero aun con la preocupacion y los miedos,  tengo la ilusion de volver a hacerlo, ya que se que esta ves se que va a ser diferente pues ya  tengo experiencia.
Ya he leido libros de lactancia y de sus trucos, pero si eres una mama y quieres compartir alguna recomendacion o algun truquito, dejamelo saber! Igual y hay cosas que aun no se!!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Here it is! / Aqui esta!

Today I went to the doctor with hubby and son. 
We were excited to know how many weeks I am and what not.
I got some blood drawn and I got the anticipated sonogram!
The doctor thinks I am 5 weeks but to be sure I will be getting an ultrasound done on Monday!
It's so funny to see a little circle and that is our baby ;-)
The miracle of life indeed.
On my way out I got a little goodie bag with all sorts of stuff including prenatal pills.

So far I have been feeling good. No morning sickness!! With my son Joao I did not have it also.

Nevertheless, I have been very sleepy and tired which is pretty common in a pregancy but since I have hypothyroidsm, I have been feeling all that a little stronger.
I already went to my endocrinologist so that it's gonna be taken care of soon.

See ya!

Hoy fui al medico con mi esposito y Joao.
Estabamos super ansiosos por saber cuantas semanas tenia!
Me sacaron sangre para hacerme pruebas de rutina y tambien me hicieron el anticipado sonograma!
La doctora piensa que tengo 5 semanas pero para estar seguros el Lunes me haran un ultrasonido.
Es tan gracioso ver ese circulito en la foto y que ese sea un bebe.
Definitivamente el milagro de la vida.

De salida, me dieron una bolsita con libros, pastillas prenatales, entre otras cosas.
Hasta ahora, gracias a Dios me he sentido muy bien. No he tenido nada de mala barriga!
Con Joao tampoco tuve, asi que me siento super bendecida.
Lo que si me he sentido es muy cansada y con sueño. Sintomas comunes en el embarazo pero como tengo
mis problemas de tiroides pues he sentido estos sintomas un poco mas fuertes.
Ya fui a mi endocrinologo y ya pronto me ajustan mis niveles y me sentire mucho mejor.


Say what? / Que que?

Yup, I'm pregnant!
Those + signs never lie, and now in modern times, looking at that "pregnant"word on my digital  pregnancy was as clear as water lol.
We were excited and scared at the same time but then again I think most couples feel the same way.

Since we already have a beautiful son, we are really hoping for the girl!!
I already have a girl name picked out but hubby does not know it yet, hehe.
We'll see what happens, but girl or boy, we are going to be happy with this blessing ;-)

Soon I will be going to the doctor and I'll let you guys know what happened!

Sip, Estoy embarazada!
Ese signo de + no miente y ahora con estos tiempos modernos cuando vi la palabra "embarazada"en mi prueba de embarazo digital, pues la verdad que estuvo mas claro que el agua, jeje.
Nos sentimos muy felices y con un poco de miedo a la vez pero creo que casi todas las parejas pasan por ese mismo sentir momentaneo.
Como ya tenemos un hermoso hijo varon, pues queremos una nena!!
Yo ya tengo un nombre de niña escojido pero papa todavia no lo sabe ;-)
Ya veremos que pasa, pero sea niño o niña como quiera vamos a estar super contentos con esta bendicion.

Pronto ire al medico y ya les dejare saber que paso!!